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Our goals for 2030

Reduce net
GHG emissions by
204 million tonnes CO2e

Increase SRI uptake from 9
to 50 million hectares
in production

Improve farmers'
incomes by
$275 billion

The progress of SRI so far

Validated in over 60 countries
Benefitted 20 million households
9 million hectares in production

Like renewables, SRI is modular, scalable, proven and economically attractive

SRI enhances...

  • Climate resilience
  • Food security
  • Yields - often by 100% or more
  • Women's health, well-being, and status
  • Soil health and biodiversity
  • Nutritional quality
  • Farmers' incomes
  • Local and national economies

with reduced...

  • Greenhouse gas emissions by 50% or more per kg of rice produced
  • Methane emissions by up to 70%
  • Yields - often by 100% or more
  • Water consumption by 25-50%
  • Gender inequality
  • Seed quantity by 80-90%
  • Chemical fertilisers, herbicides & pesticides
  • Fossil fuel consumption

Sees SRI as one of the best ways to reduce methane emissions and in doing so help the half of the world's population who depend on rice for their nutrition.

The Project founded by Paul Hawken, gives an extensive breakdown which explains not only why rice is essential to the enviroment and to billions of people, but what can be done to produce rice in a better manner that is both enviromentally friendly and more efficient. It explains what makes the System of Rice Intensification such an excellent way to achieve the goals of sustainability that are needed to avert disasterous climate change, but goes a step further by making the information on how to get involved freely available and easily accessible while going into all the projects and groups that are expanding its implementation across the world.

Find great resources and how to take action at Project Regeneration.

Project Drawdown Logo.

Project Drawdown recognises SRI as a leading solution for climate change.

By increasing adoption of SRI to reach 52 million hectares by 2050, Project Drawdown estimates a reduction of up
to 4.3 billion tons CO2e, increasing farmer incomes by $817 billion.

What if we can accelerate uptake and achieve Drawdown’s 2050 goal, by 2030?

Project Drawdown

4.3 Gt CO2e
$817bn in farmer profits



0.98 Gt CO2e
$275bn in farmer profits


5.9 Gt CO2e Reduced

$1.6 trillion in farmer profits

Watch the full video on SRI's benefits

Reaching this goal supports the objectives of the Global Methane Pledge and helps keep 1.5°C achievable.

The climate is changing, and so must we.

SRI is a proven practical way to make a difference now.