The Sustainable Rice NDC Alliance

The Sustainable Rice NDC Alliance, operating with SRI-2030 as the secretariat, serves as a facilitator of knowledge exchange and collaboration amongst its member countries and organisations. These include research institutions, regional and sectoral alliances, the private sector, civil society, and donor agencies. The primary aim of the Alliance is to facilitate the upscale of sustainable rice practices, driven by country Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) commitments. Rather than acting as a funding or research body, the Alliance operates as a platform where members contribute according to their capacities, with the shared objective of meeting countries’ mitigation and adaptation NDC commitments. The Alliance is accomplishing this by providing technical support, offering policy advice, and guiding climate finance towards implementing plans that enhance the resilience of the rice food system and reduce rice-related greenhouse gas emissions. The Alliance charges no membership fee but expects active participation from members. Any sustainable rice cultivation practice with mitigation and/or adaptation potential is promoted within the Alliance.  However, the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is of particular interest due to the multitude of co-benefits it offers.The Alliance’s primary goals are to support countries in implementing their existing sustainable rice commitments and to assist rice-producing countries in increasing their aspiration for their next NDC iteration.

This can be further explained in our strategic plan

NDC Alliance Strategic Plan


The Sustainable Rice NDC Alliance has a diverse membership base, including  representatives from various rice-producing countries. These member countries either already have commitments related to sustainable rice in their NDCs, or they aspire to incorporate a sustainable rice strategy in their next iteration of the NDCs. The Alliance also comprises regional and global organisation members. This broad spectrum includes NGOs, IGOs, research institutions, and representatives of the private sector. 


The Sustainable Rice NDC Alliance has several events lined up to promote its objectives. The online inaugural event will launch  the Alliance on the 8th of August 2023 (2pm to 4pm BST). Representatives from all member countries are expected to attend, and observer organisations are also invited. During this event, member countries will showcase their current national plans and activities for sustainable rice. They will also discuss challenges in scaling up sustainable rice practices and propose solutions to overcome these hurdles. A follow-up discussion session will provide an open forum for all member organisations and countries to contribute their insights and suggestions. The agenda for this meeting is available here.  

Agenda for the Inaugural meeting of the Sustainable Rice NDC Alliance

Following the launch event, a series of follow up events will convene members around specific topics. Firstly, the 'Focus on Finance' virtual event, slated for September/October 2023, will highlight successful stories of securing climate finance for sustainable rice practices and discuss the interplay between sustainable rice and carbon credits. Later in the year, the Alliance will facilitate rice focussed side events at COP28 in Dubai, where select member representatives will share their journey towards sustainable rice production, discussing their progress, future plans, and challenges they face in meeting their NDC goals. A stocktake meeting in the Spring of 2024 will help assessing progress and planning future strategies.