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Cultivating Sustainable Rice: Empowering Farmers through the SRI-2030 Funded Consultation Workshop in Indonesia

By Febri Doni and Mia Miranti

In the realm of agriculture, innovationand knowledge sharing are vital components for the sustainable growth offarming communities. One such progressive approach that has gained significantattention in recent years is the System of Rice Intensification (SRI).Recognizing the transformative potential of SRI, The Indonesian SRI Researchand Innovation Network (IndoSRInet) is proud to announce an upcoming Farmers'Consultation Workshop, aimed at empowering farmers with the principles andpractices of this innovative methodology.

The SRI is an agroecological methoddeveloped in the 1980s as an alternative to conventional rice cultivationpractices. Unlike traditional approaches, which often rely heavily on chemicalinputs and high-water usage, SRI focuses on optimizing plant health, enhancingsoil fertility, and maximizing resource efficiency. By adopting SRI techniques,farmers can cultivate rice with fewer resources while achieving higher yieldsand better resilience to climate variability.

IndoSRInet recognizes the importance ofknowledge transfer and community engagement in driving agricultural progress.The Farmers' Consultation Workshop on SRI aims to  disseminate the knowledge of SRI and promoteagroecological approaches to be implemented in the rice agroecosystem acrossIndonesia by more farmers; to open the marketing channels for SRI products byconnecting SRI farmers with private sectors; to solve the constraints faced bySRI farmers at their specific local conditions by involving respected policy makers;and to connect SRI researchers, farmers, and various stakeholders in promotingthe adoption of SRI in Indonesia. By the end of the workshops, policyrecommendations that can enhance the adoption of SRI in Indonesia will beproduced. The workshop will be attended by rice farmers, various farmer’scooperative networks, government agencies, private sectors, researchers,university representatives, and non-government organizations.

IndoSRInetwith farmers and the representative from Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesiavisited rice fields in West Java

At IndoSRInet, we are thrilled and honouredto announce that we have received significant funding from SRI-2030, a renownedagency committed to empowering organizations dedicated to the advancement ofSRI adoption. This substantial support will serve as a catalyst for ourcontinued works, enabling us to amplify our impact and bring about positivechange in our community and beyond. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to SRI-2030for their belief in our vision and for partnering with us on this remarkablejourney. This funding will have a profound impact on our organization, enablingus to expand our programs, develop new initiatives, and reach a wider audience.We are eager to leverage these resources to create sustainable change, provideessential services, and improve the lives of individuals and communities whorely on our support.

Discussionwith department of agricultural extension in Tasikmalaya, West Java
With farmers before ploughing the land

Receiving funding from SRI-2030 marks apivotal moment in our journey at IndoSRInet. It is a testament to the power ofcollaboration and the potential that lies within united efforts. With thissupport, we are determined to broaden our reach, deepen our impact, and createlasting change in the lives of those we serve. We remain humbled and honouredto have been chosen as recipients of this funding, and we are excited to embarkon this new chapter empowered by the confidence and resources provided by SRI-2030.Together, we can make a significant difference and build a brighter future for SRIin Indonesia.

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