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SRI-2030: An In-depth Look

SRI Playlists

The following provide links to YouTube playlists on various SRI topics.
We recommend visiting the websites of the practitioners who have curated these playlists. These include:
Principles and Instruction for SRI
This collection of videos from SRI-Rice explains the principles of SRI with various demonstrations.
SRI Equipment
This video collection from SRI-Rice video collection of SRI equipment such as field-markers, rollers, mechanised transplanting equipment, weeders (e.g 3/4-row; conoweeder; rotary) from multiple different regions worldwide.
Ellen MacArthur Foundation & Lotus Foods
The Ellen MacArthur Foundation promotes SRI as a method for regenerative rice farming, helping to transition to a circular economy. The video features SRI rice suppliers Lotus Foods.
SRI & Women
This collection of videos from SRI4Women brings the testimonies of women rice farmers who have benefitted from SRI.
SRI Français
This collection of videos from SRI-Rice are in French language.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations created this video to show the numerous advantages SRI provides to communities lacking in resources.
Rice cultivation using the System of Rice Intensification method in Kayin State, Myanmar
The Lutheran World Federation showcased its dedication to charity and enviromentalism through their support of the System of Rice intensification in Myanmar.
The System of Rice Intensification transforming lives in Tanzania
This is an older video of the FAO which demonstrates their ongoing commitment to SRI and the progress made in such a short period of time.
System of Rice Intensification in Cambodia
Here we see the farmers and the Oxfam foundation working together to make their rice more nutritious and enviromentally responsible through SRI.
The System of Rice Intensification in Vietnam
A demonstration of the benefits SRI has had in Vietnam and why it has grown so popular in the nation.
LINKS System of Rice Intensification
A show case of LINKs fantastic teaching of SRI of SRI so that farmers in Nigeria can implement it to their betterment!