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SRI-2030: An In-depth Look

SRI Playlists

The following provide links to YouTube playlists on various SRI topics.
We recommend visiting the websites of the practitioners who have curated these playlists. These include:
Principles and Instruction for SRI
This collection of videos from SRI-Rice explains the principles of SRI with various demonstrations.
SRI Equipment
This video collection from SRI-Rice video collection of SRI equipment such as field-markers, rollers, mechanised transplanting equipment, weeders (e.g 3/4-row; conoweeder; rotary) from multiple different regions worldwide.
Ellen MacArthur Foundation & Lotus Foods
The Ellen MacArthur Foundation promotes SRI as a method for regenerative rice farming, helping to transition to a circular economy. The video features SRI rice suppliers Lotus Foods.
SRI & Women
This collection of videos from SRI4Women brings the testimonies of women rice farmers who have benefitted from SRI.
SRI Français
This collection of videos from SRI-Rice are in French language.